8 basic gardening tools every newbie gardener needs

eGardening-TodayIf you’re new to gardening, you might need to buy a few necessities to make your gardening project a pleasant one.

Pruners – Pruners are a great addition to your gardening tools. They will make it easier for you to prune shrubs and perennials. A sharp pruner will also assist the plant to recover faster, once dead or over grown branches are cut.

Trowel – Trowels have a pointed end and a scooped blade. It makes digging holes, removing weeds and transferring plants a lot easier. Choose a rubber handled, lightweight trowel, which is comfortable to hold.

Shovel – A shovel is helpful if you have a large garden and need to move large volumes of soil. Choose a shovel with a rounded point, which will make digging, breaking soil and planting a lot easier.

Plastic tub – Tubs can be used to gather weeds, transfer soil and store garden tools.

Garden Hose – To make watering your plants easier, invest in a good quality garden hose. You could get the variety which has a carrier to hold the hose and stop it from tangling, when it is not in use.

Rake – A rake is good to level the ground and tidy up the lawn.

Gloves – Gloves are a must to ensure that your hands stay safe and clean. Invest in a good quality pair that fits your hands snugly.

Moisture Meter – This handy tool, will let you know how much moisture your soil has and if it need water.

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