3 Ways to Keep Your Garden Healthy and Active

Almost gardener knows what spring means. It’s the time to cultivate a new garden which most, if not all, are happy to take the time to do.

However, once it’s summer, things change. Your enthusiasm fades and your garden I neglected, leaving all the hard work put into the garden only a few months ago gone to waste.

So, with that said, here are 3 ways by which you keep your garden healthy and active:

#1: Spend time in your garden everyday

It’s not a good practice to spend time in your garden only over the weekend but for as little as 5 minutes every day. The weeds won’t be as difficult to pull out nor will other tasks require you to stoop for too long either. It will make the task of gardening all that easier in the process too.

#2: Choose native plants for your garden

It’s often tempting to buy new varieties of plants that appear in garden catalogs every now and then. While these are attractive, they can be expensive as well. So, choose native plants for your garden and don’t mistake them as boring. In fact, some of these native plants can turn out to be beneficial in a number of ways.

#3: Let Mother Nature Win Sometimes

Every flower gardener has a problem spot in their garden that, try as they might, is impossible to fix. For example, that shady spot that you’re trying to grow grass over or even a spot that gets marshy in spring and infects plants in the process. Instead of trying to cultivate in this ‘problem spot’, try and use it for other purposes such a flowering bog garden or even use it as a compost pile.

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