3 Myths About Going Green

Most people in the United States are interested in this movement of ‘going green’. While most of the things to do involve waste management and using less electricity and so on and so forth, taking care of green spaces with shrubs, trees and flowers work just as well.

So, here are 3 myths about going green that obviously aren’t true:

#1: One Person Cannot Do Much to Help the Environment

If one person just took care of their lawn better, they could easily help build one of nature’s most efficient cooling systems, thanks to the process of evapotranspiration which not only cools the plants but its surrounding areas as well. In fact, if front lawns in a row of eight houses were taken care of well, it could save almost 70 tons of air conditioning power.

#2: Trees can be Beneficial Only if They’re Outside

According to the Society of Arboriculture, one healthy tree placed strategically within the home can save almost 20 percent of costs related to air conditioning. The U.S Department of Agriculture goes on to say that placing trees indoors can reduce the temperature by 10 degrees, thanks to a process known as transpiration. This means that there is less consumption of electricity as well.

#3: Trees should be removed from high crime areas

It’s quite the contrary, thanks to a study conducted by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In fact, neighbors got to know each other better and there was a feeling of community in areas where there were more trees. The residents of the areas actually felt safer when there were trees as opposed to those that did not have any trees at all.

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