How to grow lucky bamboo

How to grow lucky bamboo

Lucky bamboo is an easy houseplant that looks great in kitchens and bathrooms. Here are a few tips to grow and maintain a healthy lucky bamboo plant.

Selection – Choose a plant with bright green leaves and stems. You can also look for plants that have been braided or curled to create intricate designs.

Grow your bamboo hydroponically – The easiest, cleanest way to grow your bamboo is in water. You will need to fill a tall glass vase (avoid shallow bowls) with at least 1-3 inches of water.

Positioning – Place your plant in a space that gets filtered light, similar to the light that creeps through a forest canopy. The plant will thrive in temperatures of between 65ºF and 90ºF.[4]

Changing the water – You should change your water at least once a week. It is best to use bottled water as the plant can be very sensitive to chemicals such as fluoride and chlorine.

Increasing roots – To increase the amounts of roots increase the amount of water. The more roots, the lusher your top foliage will become.

Fertilizing your plant – It is best to use liquid fertilizer every month.

Tip burn – Tip burn is when the leaves start becoming dead and dry. Reduce tip burn by using bottled water instead of tap water.

Trimming – Over time your plant can become top heavy. It is, therefore, important that you trim your plant with sterile scissors every 3 months to encourage growth and maintain balance.

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