7 Tips For Cutting and Displaying Roses

7 Tips For Cutting and Displaying Roses

It can be safely said that there are several reasons why roses are a common favorite in a cutting garden.

This is for the simple reason that the rose has no equal when it comes to cutting as they have durable stems, buds that open slowly and a compelling fragrance as well.


However, the art of enjoying your blooms for as long as possible depends on the way you cut these roses.


So, here are 7 tips for cutting and displaying roses:


#1: The best time to cut roses are in the afternoon after 3 pm as it is also the time when they are highest in food reserves.


#2: Always cut roses that have begun to open. However, keep in mind to not cut roses that are no more than 1/3 or 1/2 open.


#3: It’s imperative to use sharp and clean pruners so as to avoid damaging the rose canes which in turn, could lead to spreading disease.


#4: Keep at least 3 leaves on the stem so as to feed the plant. Also, remember to remove leaves that are below the waterline.


#5: It’s important to put your roses in water once you have cut them. For this, keep a bucket of water handy when you do proceed to cut the roses. If you don’t have water around, put them in water as soon as you go indoor or recut the stems underwater.


#6: Keep your roses out of the sunlight in a cool spot for a few hours before you put them on display. The reason for doing this is that it will extend their vase life.


#7: Change the water in the vase when it gets dirty while also adding a floral preservative, lime/ lemon soda or even a combination of lemon juice and a tablespoon of sugar to the water in the vase.

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